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"Hospitality is in our hearts" ....

Etiquette Noire is an independently-owned company committed to offering industry- best standards in quality and service. We believe every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Therefore, we take care of our employees, so that they will take care of our customers in such matter that our business will take care of itself.  We autoghraph our work with excellence.

Promotional Staff

Etiquette Noire's promotional models are particularly valuable when you wish to build excitement and enthusiasm for your brand or product. These lovely ladies are individually trained to ensure that you receive passionate and talented promotional staff to best represent your brand. Well-educated, professional, attractive and zealous about what they do. All admirable traits that will be on full display for your product launch, tradeshow, fashion show, charity function, or some other sumptuous, high-end event.

Food & Beverage

Etiquette Noire provides elite temporary staff for your personal and private events whether in your home or at a special venue. We pride ourselves on always providing our corporate clients with the best skilled, polished and proficient event staff. We understand corporate dining is serious business. Therefore we hire service staff capable of high pressure environments that range from cafeterias to high profile catering. We ensure our staff arrived prepared, making your job less stressful and the event a breeze. 

Bar Service

Etiquette Noire will provide you with bar staff that will assist in bar preparation, cleaning duties, and setting up and taking down any items relevant to your event. Any fantastic event deserves to have smart, beautiful and conscientouts staff who are there to add someting unique to your event by offering your guest a choice of delicious signature cocktails. You may also leave it up to us to provide the glassware, ice, mixes, garnishes, napkins, straws, bar tools and more!