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​​​​etiquette NOIRE

​Etiquette Noire Staffing Solutions is a full-service, event staffing company in the expanding city of Montreal. Offering polished, professional and qualified staff. 

​Staff who have experience working at events and venues with the amenities provided. We always deliver the highest level of service to help you reduce time, effort and costs associated with managing an internal labor pool.


Food & Beverage

Bar Service​​ 

Etiquette Noire provides promotional models and brand ambassadors to increase consumers demand for a product, service, brand or concept by directly interacting with your company's potential customers.

Etiquette Noire provides servers, table wait staff, hostesses, bus-boys and other food and hospitality personnel according your needs. Offering a professional and generous reception of your guests.
Etiquette Noire provides professional bar  staff with experience of drink preparation, beverage services, art of mixing and good customer relation.

​​Our Motto

"Putting the customer at heart of the business means that every procedure, process and system keeps the customer in mind "​

"It's a BEAUTIFUL thing when a career and a passion come TOGETHER"

- Nicole C

At Your Service ...

How we leave others feeling after an experience with us has become our trademark... Etiquette Noire

Our skills, industry expertise and quality people make us the perfect choice for your next event, promotion or production.